A late morning start had us on the road in daylight for once, a strange feeling as though we were late, but we had organised only a short walk for today. Called into the next village after we left Redecillo del Camino where we met up with a Dutchman who was simply enjoying walking in retirement. We loved simply strolling through some more villages, (they are often only 5kms apart), taking time to explore, while welcoming in the day with Spanish greetings to the usual handful of locals.


We met up with someone I went to school with in kindergarten for two months, a primary school in Sydney for two years and a secondary school for five years and we now properly meet for the first time today in fifty years. But it was worth the wait, a lovely warm intelligent man with a gorgeous clever wife. What great company for eight hours over wine, mosto, pinchos, fish, paella and creme broulee. We came to resolutions about corrupt politics, the environment and world cultures while pondering over mixed school days, the meaning of life and life in Spanish villages.  A very special day.

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