We started out early again an hour before sunrise when the myriad of small birds singing in the nearby hedges and dancing on them. What a lovely way to be farewelled. Over undulating landforms through now mainly grape vines we made our way along windless lane ways the moon and stars slowly melting away. We arrived in the village of Azofra on a mild cloudy day and sat in the main street (tiny footpath) for lunch. Although once again the streets are deserted (siesta plus abandoned houses), it can become very crowded when a car comes, pedestrians appear and I’m having lunch, all on the road. Our accommodation is usually with all amenities and around forty euros, tonight it’s a tiny cell like room in an Albergue for eight euros, just to show you don’t need to be rich to go for a walk in Spain

Met up with an Australian and an English couple whom we met at the Albergue in Orisson in the Pyrenees on the first day. For anyone choosing between walking around or over the Pyrenees on the first day, I would strongly advise over the top (if you are reasonably fit and the weather is ok) not just because it is stunning, but you meet so many people in the Orisson Albergue (fifty gather for coffee, dinner and breakfast in front of a log fire) and there is a chance to meet most of them or recognise their faces. The initial climb is only 8km although steep so it’s a good gentle start to the Camino. It was a lasting legacy for us to be able to remake contact with those whom we connected with at the start. Walking provides no excuse for not catching up.

Our biggest day walking gives me an opportunity to give you  another sonnet. For those who don’t know and without becoming too technical. Sonnets do vary but basically the first eight lines provide a single theme while the last six provide a contrast, or alternative view. Here’s my one on walking

Walking – a sonnet

No wish to pass them any more imagining they’re not there

Or failing to stop cause there’s no time to pause a moment or two

No matter where on the road you are signs you must beware

Or on the tracks or in the sky your goal is set for you

No wish to do the many things that keep you on a strip

To hit a ball, to throw a spear, to row, to sail, to jump

Or engage in meaningless, static tasks, it helps to breathe a bit

Just keeping on the ‘straight and narrow’ someone you’ll want to thump

Then wish to walk you’ll see it all and smell the roses too

No straight lines no lights to stop no need to seek advice

You can stop, go back, in circles wind, can dance or throw your shoe

Can smell the air or swim the lake watch birds and walk on ice

Sing out loud and greet another this journey tells no lie

Walk till you fall you’ll still see more with joy you can then die

talk to you tomorrow