Day 43 Campagnano-di-Roma to La Storga

Home was a 300 bed parrochia split into 6-10 bed bunk rooms that were not actually for walkers but for young people, which we were obviously not. However, only a young German biker arrived (and later ate with us) so the two men had a room to themselves as did we. We left the 2 men sleeping and spent the morning with the birds and the river, and, as is often the case, seeing no […]

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Day 40 Viterbo to Vetralla

The big light had the sky all to itself today and painted the few whispers of cloud with those fiery colours only it can do. Along the ubiquitous gravel tracks deep down in eroded earth we trod; through gated pathways we went; up short eroded and rocky hills we strode, down loose rock roads we danced, but carefully.

Along this morning’s Via Francigena we were alone, and experienced similar feelings to our first few days. All […]

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Day 22 Camaiore to Lucca

At dinner last night we caught up with ‘an earlier met young Australian couple’. We had fun swapping stories, a lovely twosome who we hope to see again. We also keep in daily contact with our gorgeous French friends who we miss a lot.

The rattle of our metal bedhead painted with over-sized cherubs was the only noise in our lodgings, as we set off for another day. Along the lamp lit street we walked until […]

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Day 4 Tromello to Gropello-Cairoli

Breakfast in the plaza of a little village at 5.30 was a gorgeous start to our day. The locals were all there, drinking coffee, talking – in the cool of the early morning.

We continued on similar terrain – flat – through grain fields fed by 2-6 metre wide canals, a system started, I believe, by the ancient Romans. Visually the canals have a cooling effect, while every now and then when the water flows to […]

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April walk postponed

An update on our walk through Italy on the via francigena.

We have postponed our walk until September 2016 due to a stress fracture in my left foot. I have also been diagnosed with osteoporosis which means when I say goodbye to my moon boot next week I will concentrate on strengthening the muscles and tendons to get me back on the road to recovery. I will now need an injection twice a year (hardly an […]

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L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue was our destination today and what a find. Friends had told us about it, but when the word ‘Venice’ creeps into a town’s name, I become concerned. Of course it is nothing like Venice, nothing is, I mean, it has cars, there are no Gondoliers and you can’t get lost! But what it does have is natural waterways running through this ‘decades of centuries old’ town. There is the ‘grand canal’, about ‘a long […]

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I decided to do a little search on famous people who had anything to do with Avignon and came across John Stuart Mill. His name will be familiar to anyone involved in the social sciences, and I remember him well when studying for my degree. He has been called the greatest English-speaking philosopher of the nineteenth century and his relationship to Avignon is only that he died here.

We then went wandering through the streets of […]

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Eguilles – a village

We arrived in Eguille (20 minutes from Aix) in a state of the art local coach/bus with 6 other passengers. Maybe at 1 euro it was too expensive for some, but as usual we just thought what the heck and splashed our money around once more. The bus stopped at the top of this long narrow main street that simply slides down into a majestical lookout, then takes a sharp turn continuing to slide, now […]

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Catching local buses can be a good and a bad idea – good, because they are not crowded, the driver can help you with information, you can mostly go when you want and it’s not touristy – but bad because it often takes trial and error to work out timetables, and actual destinations. Today it was a mixture. We caught the right bus but then had to connect with another which was not as reliable. […]

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We stayed in Aix-en-Provence, a university town and the most important educational centre in the region. It is a major city-commune along with Nice, Avignon, Toulon and Marseilles, of the region today known as Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur.

I could never tire of these narrow cobblestone, some bitumen, streets. Whether we are looking at an interesting building, visiting a museum or simply having a coffee, that atmosphere from centuries before has stopped still and waits for us still.

It’s […]

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