The PD Reward

The Reward

In most, it’s just a very normal thing,
Receiving plaudits as you strive to reach
A goal, that life has helped us all to bring,
To focus on, to learn and then to teach.
For those who have a neuroplastic hole
It’s harder to believe that this is right,
‘Cause they believe for them there is no goal,
Why bother then, the evidence is tight.
But there’s a crack, that needs a dose of will,
And laced with motivation there’s a chance,
To see […]

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After the walk

I will now post each time we visit a new place. Posting times will be between 2-4 days and can be accessed on the home page link ‘Switzerland 2017’. Photos may be delayed as the mountains appear to be delaying their transfer from iPhone to iPad.

Talk soon

By |June 6th, 2017|

Day 15 Merligan to Thun

Probably the earliest European dinner ever at 5.30 in this magnificent house run by a friendly, interesting and engaging Lutheran minister. When I welcomed Ermanno after he arrived by bus (stop right outside our new home), we kissed and hugged and took him to our dining room. They had kept some minestrone (just happened to be his favourite dish) for him, so Corrie and I kept him company as he ate much closer to the […]

By |May 20th, 2017|

Day 8 Alpthal to Brunnen

As we trialled our new bed in a real house it rained heavily and all night. Switzerland’s weather has followed this pattern ever since we’ve been here, never raining after 9-10am. Previously we had been looking for dinner places with no luck. A passer-by apologetically informed us there was no food here so with forlorn faces we went home.
But we were lucky, our mythological b&b manager turned up and gave us a version of […]

By |May 14th, 2017|

Day 6 Eschenbach to Pfaffikon

We know now from our hosts that there is no official Swiss language though roughly, it is German to the east, French to the west, Italian to the south, and drawing a line from north to south through Bern it is a certain dialect different from the others. Not much use to us though as we need to speak English or Spanish – the latter not high on the Swiss priority list. Like most Swiss […]

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Day 5 Wattwil to Eschenbach


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Day 4 St Peterzell to Wattwil

A stream of cloudy light woke me as I climbed up from the floor where our 5 mattresses covered the entire floor. Our new young German friend Brigitte slept on mattress no. 5 under the window while those possibly with more need of the bathroom – Corrie and I, slept near the door.
Our wonderful sleeping companion who was great to talk to, also helped us with accommodation tips, walking in Switzerland hints, and translations with […]

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A fast ‘neuron growing’ walk around the beautiful canal of Zurich and I was able to get a feel for this beautiful city. After a stunning Swiss breakfast we walked more slowly around the old city and taking time to feel the cobblestones. Such a very clean and serene place, it’ as though there was a ‘quiet curfew’.

Tomorrow we’re off to Rorschach for the day, then the adventure begins once more. Will it be […]

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She’s coming too

By |April 29th, 2017|

Nearly ready

Walking up Balmain mountain for final preparation

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