Day 1 Rorschach to St Gallen

Rorschach was bed-free so at midday we changed plans and decided to start walking as we really had no choice, and lucky for us it was cool, so our journey had inadvertently began. It was fairly easy going with a couple of testing hills but maybe a bit long for our first day”. A sore hip and back for me, a neck pain for Corrie was evidence of this. A point of interest along the […]

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A fast ‘neuron growing’ walk around the beautiful canal of Zurich and I was able to get a feel for this beautiful city. After a stunning Swiss breakfast we walked more slowly around the old city and taking time to feel the cobblestones. Such a very clean and serene place, it’ as though there was a ‘quiet curfew’.

Tomorrow we’re off to Rorschach for the day, then the adventure begins once more. Will it be […]

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When the Northern neighbours get angry, the southerners beat the vanggus, pluck the gayaguems, and sing their traditional Minyos.
Their whispering voices would calm the most anxious of foreign travellers who are not used to the bellicose provocations only a close border away.
Just a quick stopover and then Zurich tomorrow.

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We’re now on the same page

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She’s coming too

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Nearly ready

Walking up Balmain mountain for final preparation

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