Our home in Lisbon has a wrought iron balcony that wraps around the corner, access being through three double doors. This is typical of Portugal as I have seen it everywhere, not sure whether this is peculiar to this country but I love the idea and will resist the great temptation to use it as a drying room. Our balcony doors open on to a tall tree park and we can see a castle out […]

By |June 1st, 2014|

Room with a view

We are staying in what would be equal to a large country hotel in Australia, a three story old worldly mansion with wide stairways shiny bannisters and a strip of carpet down the centre run by a Canadian Portuguese couple who treat us like family. While it is efficiently busy on the inside a lot also happens on the outside

Our hotel is at the railway station but it is also old worldly so aesthetically pleasant […]

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A glorious sunrise coloured our window pane asking for a photo but not to join it on its early morning wanderings, reminding us we could lie a little longer and stay in our room for more than one night, no need to act like an escaped criminal anymore. We also bought our train ticket early quelling the urge to walk to Lisbon

It’s a beautiful place and a sunny stroll through the city today delivers more delights […]

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We’re having a rest in Porto looking through the old city and exploring the valley walls of the river Duoro as we look for a place somewhere in Portugal to do some writings on the trip in order to continue my awareness raising. So we’ll stay here for a couple of days to get the feel of the place and then decide whether this will be the place.




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Leaving Santiago

We walked quietly around the ancient streets of this city of St James, the Saint for whom all the fuss is about. There are as many stories about James as there are pilgrims and as many interpretations of these stories as there are interpretations of Cervantes novel of Don Quixote. There are also many tales about the Knights Templars (Sean and Melody were our personal Knights Templars) who are mirrored in the care given to […]

By |May 28th, 2014|

Some wonderful surprises

Walking to breakfast we were exuberantly greeted by our wonderful friend from Sweden who burst out on to the street with great emotion. We had begun our journey with her and now we finished with this larger than life person. We went back with her to have breakfast and to meet her friend who we had briefly met on the track where we shared similar grief experiences. This new meeting gave us a chance to […]

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For centuries it was thought that the earth was flat and that the sun rose in the east in China and set in the west at the westernmost part of Spain on the Galician coast at Finisterra where we are today. It was only when they went sailing that they found China round the corner so we are not really on the edge of the world. But today there was no sunset. I wonder if […]

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Day doing little

Camera is huddled together with my feet, shuffling further and further under the bed as I reach out for just one more shot, one more step. Canon, with its shutters closed firmly over its lens and the feet no longer with a ‘soul’ have said enough is enough, for now We’ll have another quiet day tomorrow and then off to the edge of the earth where we will tell you what’s on the other side […]

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