Les Coquelicots 

At first I saw you standing by the road

Just one, to let the world know: ‘I am here’,

That glance that stole my heart and really showed

The power of that beauty when so near.

Soon others then appeared in similar flush,

I loved you all, I knew not how to choose,

You spread to fields afar in one red blush,

Not one of you, could I, afford to lose.

Yet was not love that needed to possess,

To share it with the […]

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Changing your Brain

To change your brain, it takes a lot of work,
Some hours per day and every day you need
Tense focus, it is not a job to shirk,
The Brain – it’s hunger cries for us to feed.
But what’s the nourishment it likes the best
To ease the pain that lingers deep inside
And satiate its aching need – ‘unrest’
Then wait and watch to see what will betide?
It yearns no less, for you to learn and grow
So its potential […]

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Reward yourself

The Reward

In most, it’s just a very normal thing,
Receiving plaudits as you strive to reach
A goal, that life has helped us all to bring,
To focus on, to learn and then to teach.
For those who have a neuroplastic hole
It’s harder to believe that this is right,
‘Cause they believe for them there is no goal,
Why bother then, the evidence is tight.
But there’s a crack, that needs a dose of will,
And laced with motivation there’s a chance,
To see […]

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“When” – a poem

I have taken license with Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” to help me make sense of my disease. Hope there is something useful in it for you as well:


When you can make some sense of your disease
As you try to see the forest among the trees,
Find the hidden sunshine – feel the breeze
And keep on moving lest you quickly freeze;
When you can walk and make the most of walking,
Improve your balance to prevent a fall,
Train your […]

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