Day 3 Mortara to Tromello

It’s really hot (6am – 9am is pleasant)— for some reason I didn’t expect that so it has slowed us down a little and gives me a chance to rest my partly cartilage free foot and bursitis in my hip that I had last year – Corrie’s mostly ok as usual but our thighs seem to notice the extra weight more than any other body part. Prescribed meds have reduced inflammation and taken away any […]

By |September 2nd, 2016|

Via Francigena – Days 1 & 2

It was later than I expected to get going, 6.20. I felt a little tired but thought that was normal. We showered, Corrie asked for her watch back (I’m the time keeper – anal – so I’m usually good at it). Unperturbed, Corrie asked why we were leaving at 11.50pm – I had the watch on upside down!!!

We slipped out of the very old town of Vercelli, its ancientness eagerly seeping into those unused parts […]

By |August 31st, 2016|