Sitting in a bookshop reading introductions to books about the city/country I’m in is a crucial part of my enjoyment of that place. So when Philip said we may not be going there for a while, I sulked a bit. As I sat in my very comfortable sulking chair, trying to look for a positive slant to this dilemma, a couple of books talked to me.
Alain de Boton spoke first from his ‘Art as Therapy’ […]

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Longfellow wrote a poem about it, which made it to the film studios, and I’m reading one of many books devoted to the pride and joy of Brugge in Belgium. It is the Belfry tower, and tower it does in all its medieval glory over this stunning town. Nearly 400 steep and ever narrowing steps challenged my balance as they took me to the top of this famous landmark.
As you step back in time, one […]

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Our Florac hideaway

Sabine was there to greet us and to drive us from Nimes to her plentiful old stone house near Florac. Her family have had this mountainside getaway for three generations so it is in her blood.
We met her and her friend on ‘the way’ in Italy. Corrie had a huge blister, and Sabine being a doctor saw it as her duty to care for her during our 2 week walk together in Italy. There was […]

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Florac in Southern France

On our way, 1st class now (price is similar to 2nd class??) to FLORAC to spend a few days with our friend Sabine in her country home.

Because of continual strikes, one can only travel on certain dates so planning is crucial.

We leave the north with some photos from Pontarlier

Our travelling companions


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