Probably the earliest European dinner ever at 5.30 in this magnificent house run by a friendly, interesting and engaging Lutheran minister. When I welcomed Ermanno after he arrived by bus (stop right outside our new home), we kissed and hugged and took him to our dining room. They had kept some minestrone (just happened to be his favourite dish) for him, so Corrie and I kept him company as he ate much closer to the preferred European dinner time.
We had the best 4 bed dormitory in Europe I’m sure, with an old heavy door leading into this self contained vine covered hideaway. We had a lot to talk about: the very different culture of Saudia Arabia and the very westernised Dubai (where he had just been), the Italian path where we had met last year, and our common love of walking.
Breakfast was in the big house and we were entertained by our host and our friend’s discussion on Swiss society. The charming housekeeper gave us a parting present before we set off on our path right outside our ancient front door.
Our shoes were dry with my learnt technique of newspaper stuffing. So they were ready to take us into this dark, mostly branchless tall tree wonderland, with brown leaf paths, deep canyons, small waterfalls and mossy rocks. We walked past tall sheer rock faces above and below. They were a mixture of stones and loose soil so the evidence of recent collapses were regularly evident. Just at the right time we came across a viewing/eating area with facilities and had a small snack of our own.
High above a deep ravine we came across a much more steady hanging bridge as we reached yet another high point. These oscillations continued all morning until it was time for our final descent to the canal town of Thun. We ate at a beautiful Pizzeria by the canal, listening to the gushing waters under a peak roof covered bridge and weir combined. We now have another 4 bed-room which is huge and light – my two room mates are intensely testing the sleeping equipment.