Another regular morning climb took us past some older day walkers, dozens of bike riders with similar variegated paths and landscape. We came down from the forests and the cows to see a lake in a narrow valley, the sun doubling the view with nature’s reflection in the water. There were a few small boats, a couple of kayaks and the odd fishing boat. We walked for a couple of kilometres between a small passenger railway line and the lake on a hill-shaded narrow track, stopping for photo shoots on tiny sandy spots with benches.
We talked to a couple of day walkers, then a young man in a park to enquire about the striking white mountains we were following. He said he had not seen them when another man came by to inform us they were the Schwarzhorns. This means black horns, indicating that they looked like a set of cow horns, but no-one had noticed the interesting face in between them.
It was now another long and often steep climb and that is where we met Martin from Bern. He was taking his holidays by going walking; we walked with him until our destination. He told us of the importance of the ‘canton’, each having control of their education.. They do vary which is sometimes a problem, especially because of all the hassles associated with moving cantons.
He told us of the excellent political system of Switzerland. I came to understand that there are 4 parties and they agreed to share the presidency – so there is a new one each year. He added that there are only minor changes of process over fairly similar policies.
Talking about his daughter’s luck, and maybe a little perseverance, he told us she was able to serve as an unpaid apprentice so that she could get her dream job as a pre school teacher. On the whole, I understood there is little chance of young people getting their choice of work, while older people struggle to get work.
We finished off the day with a long walk around the side of a lake with Martin with too much sun and the Schwarzhorns coming closer with each step.
Doubling back wearily along the other side of this gorgeous lake with its waterfall cascading in full view, we were delighted to meet Susan, our new and equally gorgeous land lady who led us to our chalet. The Schwarzhorns looked down on us as we looked at them from our window.