Off and up into the now sunny hills, but with just enough chIll to keep us happy on track. Long hills today but after nearly losing our breath yesterday, most hills are fine now, or almost. We passed farmers cutting grass (about the only work being done in the fields for we have seen no crops) – bar one woman digging truffles, and a few boys were out working with their dads, one dad was busy fencing.
Fences in Switzerland are made up of some small bits of aluminium or wood which are hammered into the ground then a coloured ribbon joins them together – simple. When the cattle go to the dairy, a small ribbon is held one metre above the ground wherever they need to stop them deviating off course. They are also strung across highways so the cattle can travel safely and so the driver has plenty of warning.
The hills flattened out and became ridge lines where we would either go over the top or mostly, as it was today, go round the contoured edges. Not so many seats in the last 2 days but now they are appearing once again in all the right places. We passed a few ‘day’ hikers, had a brief chat to mostly Swiss, then continued on through paddocks, where sometimes the path is only obvious because someone walked on it the day before. We literally walk past their front door, through their machinery shed, dodging tractors and dogs. The paths then would often enter a dark forest and then a small timber yard, then onto maybe a local road, so far never a major road, through towns or round them.
We passed a lot of fixed cranes today and every other day, set up to build ordinary houses – well maybe not so ordinary for most are intricate with those pitched roofs, shuttered windows and timber finish. We underestimated the walk today and ran out of water. I therefore asked a local (we would never ask a walker for it’s not fair and might make them vulnerable so I asked a minister walking towards a huge modern church. He filled our bottle so we were ready for the last plunge down
Down and down we went into a deep valley with a turbulent rocky stream and up a nearly breathtaking pathway on one of those hills. Close now our accommodation – no it’s not the first building, the glorious Hotel Paxmontana stately in its character, flaunting in its beauty, and ageless in its stature. We stayed down in the gully just below in the much more affordable and uncrowded (just us) Bruder Klaus. Alas, no food, so we found a nearly geschlossened mini mart to buy breakfast and the same nearly geschlossened restaurant for a quick dinner. As always, the 5 star window view is priceless as we unfold our scarves (sleeping bags), spread out our rationed blankets and finish writing to you.