Very steep but smaller hills at present, leaning forward seems pretty important because balance for pd people wavers over time so important that we practice it. I also need to become confident with smaller hills so I’m ready for the taller ones.
I certainly don’t have an issue with other walkers getting in the way, because there aren’t any – not one. It may be that it’s a little cold (okay for us because it’s less exhausting), and maybe they go to warmer climates until summer sets in. We’re not sure but it’s hard to even believe there is anyone anywhere as it is so quiet and peaceful.
But there is one sound that ensures that the Swiss haven’t all left town – the comforting cow bell. I imagine the bell is there so they can be found in timbered or valley areas, but maybe it’s a calming sound for better milk – not sure. The cows seem to be a symbol for Switzerland as monuments, paintings, letter boxes and more are often of cows. It reminds me of how India adore their cows, except in Switzerland they don’t come into cafes, block traffic or act as roundabouts.
As we wonder up and down elevator hills we are amazed at the manicured countryside with grass growing right up to the houses as though it was laid out like a carpet. No crops so far, just grass, the food that produces good milk, cheeses and butter.
It hasn’t all been sight seeing, it has been a challenge to stay on the right path. With a mixture of luck, asking people on the street, in their homes, while driving, at an ATM we were able to stay on track and arrive at our lodgings high up on a hill. But we didn’t take the right path – I blamed the woman at the hotel, but I eventually work out it is my fault – instead we walked up on apathless pasture to be met by the owner of our attic lodgings.