It’s raining so wet gear on except for my non waterproof new balance shoes – but so far in the rain my wet feet have not caused me any concern – the risk I took by leaving the heavy waterproof shoes in Sydney. Early traffic brought us to acute awareness on the slippery road but drivers appear to be cognisant of walkers and bikers so slow down and give us a wide berth. Gradual climbs out of our village took us through beautiful rain forest with the odd stream emerging from the heavy rain. The rain became showers for a while but the sun chose to remain hidden – the temperature a cool walking one.

We passed a dad and his boy on a bike, a young woman in a hurry, a young cyclist, an older couple with walking sticks – a bit different to ours although I use mine at times just to keep my balance also. We continued on quite a short and easy walk today which also gave Sabene relief for her knees which didn’t like the steep parts, calmed Corrie’s blisters which were unhappy with the down bits, stopped my back complaining on the very long straight sections, and Bertrand was fine but for the rain.

Coffee in a village, no water or relief stop,s and we were soon in our new village in the 9th century Abbey of San Caprasio. Bombed in the war, it has been considerately reconstructed using glass to reveal elements of its former grandeur. This ‘donativo’ accommodation sparkled within its confines – a dormitory to ourselves makes it like a little flat with friends.

The routine continues – shower and the luxury of soap and towel, washing clothes, looking for wifi connection – none, and plug adaptors (they changed as we moved south) – none, writing this, letting our French friends speak in French for a moment, planning for tomorrow’s accommodation and walk, resting with feet up high, and sleep. There is also a search for lunch soon which provides a short exploring opportunity and then a dinner place which will take us down some other cobbled lanes.