The kitchen is an extension of our sleeping quarters so the 4 of us simply moved our packs into the kitchen so as not to disturb the Germans who were having a sleep in on their last day. Our friends made breakfast and we were away again higher up in the Apennines which are a little cooler with much more shade.

What an eclectic walk today as we walked from tarmac roads across rolling hillsides with those beautifully shaped hay bales, spotted all over the home that they grew up in.We would then cross the tarmac again, some busier than others and then up into the mountains – near vertical climbs at times needing all our concentration to not fall backwards – through thickets of rain forest and some precipitous edges less than a foot away.

The mountain villages are so attractive with lots of flowers, the geranium being the standout peering from their window boxes down into the folding hillsides below. Tractors with the whole family collecting winter firewood – older people looking out from their balconies presumably unaware of their million dollar views – kids playing in the streets, street signs ensuring that they are safe from unsuspecting cars and motor bikes.

We had an extra long walk today so sitting on the nob of a steep hill we ate lunch and rested before the long walk down and into our valley home. Our biggest day so our longest rest before venturing out to see the wonders of our new surroundings.