Corrie’s failed interview in the Tromello nursing home. She’s still with me!

Our alternate route —- Get over it, Corrie! When we got lost, this is the bridge we built to get over it.

It’s really hot (6am – 9am is pleasant)— for some reason I didn’t expect that so it has slowed us down a little and gives me a chance to rest my partly cartilage free foot and bursitis in my hip that I had last year – Corrie’s mostly ok as usual but our thighs seem to notice the extra weight more than any other body part. Prescribed meds have reduced inflammation and taken away any bodily pains but not the embarrassing pain of loss.

Yes we got lost! Following a no signage, fewer kms, “alternate route” – meant to be more shaded which it thankfully was – we soon got back on task with a bit more thinking and a lot less reading. Walking has often been along shadeless irrigation canals, substitute rivers you might say, and today is no different except for some sun reprieve.

We sat on the only chair in the village of Tromello and I went looking for a bed for the night. The church had the only beds in the village but no-one was home so I went to the nursing home next door. They were great … once they recovered from the shock that we are walking to Roma, and aren’t all that far away from being possible occupants of a similar facility. They found the churchman who showed us our donation room – our donation being an hour’s clean up of the room, a little price to pay.

Some nursing home staff including a former architect, a doctor, staff supervisor and chef sat down to lunch with us in their dining room – supplying us with Gnocchi, fruit, salad, yoghurt and iced water. The former architect, who is sitting for his chef exams tomorrow, entertained us and left his number with us, saying if we get into trouble of any kind – “I know many people”. When he informed that the Apennines are very steep, I said he may be able to help if he had access to wheelchairs!

We left our new friend with smiles on our faces along with clean sheets and towels that he offered us after seeing the state of our digs for the night – perfecto.

Haven’t been able to post photos, sorry – we are trying!!!!