We arrived in Eguille (20 minutes from Aix) in a state of the art local coach/bus with 6 other passengers. Maybe at 1 euro it was too expensive for some, but as usual we just thought what the heck and splashed our money around once more. The bus stopped at the top of this long narrow main street that simply slides down into a majestical lookout, then takes a sharp turn continuing to slide, now into a beautifully shaded tree lined street.

This was market day so the street was nowhere to be seen in this, the longest market in the shortest village. Everything was used to show their wares – stone walls, church fronts, some shops creeping out into the street, even bus stops. It seemed to be primarily family day with lots of mainly female teenagers, some buying, many just having fun.

Our recent walk had fine tuned our breakfast experience, so I staked out a table and chairs on the street outside a bar, while Corrie went in search of a boulangerie. I don’t mention food much but this was special. The pastries here were the flakiest best we have tasted – bottom left before the corner, and sitting on the side of a market street is such a breakfast experience.

Corrie made a few purchases that were competitive with our bus fare, we bought a top up of pastries because this quality, in our experience, is even rare in France, and returned on our 6 person bus to Aix. We walked along a street with gold plaques on the footpath with Cezanne’s name on them like the shell on the camino, but still a mystery, maybe a Cezanne camino.

We walked the 2kms from our hotel to dinner and enquired about the plaques – no mystery, they were put there 4 years ago to honour their favourite son in a grand exhibition. On the walk home, which is towards Mont Sainte Victoire, we crossed a small creek. We went down to listen to it’s little waterfalls and noticed people running alongside it, over a tiny bridge, then another and back down the other side – it seems it’s a very popular daily exercise for locals.

Tomorrow it’s ‘sur la pont – Avignon….