We went for our morning walk down to the Temple of Debod, In 1968 the Egyptian government gave the Temple of Debod to Spain in gratitude for helping to save the Abu Simbel Temple from flooding by the Aswan Dam. This small temple was rebuilt in the Rosales Park, in the center of Madrid near the Plaza de España. A lovely walk with a proliferation of trees took us through parks, beside palaces and into quaint coffee houses


As I’ve said before, I’m not very literate with painting and once again did not appreciate the battles on horses paintings or his later work on dark backgrounds but his earlier family paintings with vibrant colours and showing a lot of light I loved. One especially stood out because of the reference to poetry, ‘The Marchioness of Santa Cruz’ who happened to be the Patron of Poets


Each day takes us through Madrid’s wonderful plazas with their statues that don’t move, a variety of statues that you pay to move, eating places everywhere with easy going salespeople readily taking ‘no’ for an answer and such an array of buildings they look like museums of architecture