We wake up in our ‘spoiling us hotel’ to find that it was not us after all but the large hotel we were in that was ‘being spoilt’ ie a water pipe had burst and you could imagine. So we all had to move to the other side of our ‘SUH’ and we’re being ‘spoilt’ more with an ensuite and you could fit 4 Camino beds into our 1. All is very good

We explored the botanical gardens when last here, but found, this time, a massive park behind it called “Jardines Del Buen Retiro”

So big, we strolled around it for 2 hours and covered less than a sixth of it

So shady in some places, small dappled sunlight the only evidence of day sometimes beneath a thick canopy of tall trees

So far, it hasn’t been far from town, that we’re in the centre of, but that could change when we explore the other end

It’s Madrid’s central park but without the bitumen and with its smaller hills and valleys, many simple fountains, some ornate, statues, long gravel pathways through various trees, and a multitude of smaller pathways at one time eight of them converging on a circular centre piece. A highlight has been a long triangular grove of Albizia trees which Corrie loves but which I mowed over (very hard to see) in the mountains, it’s not even a triangle, but she will get her AlbiziaI am inspired

A little snack or two there and back to then attend to the computer in our ‘very much spoiling us room’