Left our Palace for Flamenco territory and the place of evening walks with friends with much tapas. Left our funny music teacher friend behind at the hotel then a fascinating bus trip to the station, I’ll keep it short.

We caught the bus towards the station asking the driver to drop us there. Corrie sat, then gave her seat to the wild looking partner of the young woman opposite so they could be together. I stood, as I do, in the case and stove department. At the next stop an older woman crept on with a heavy stove which I held onto with my cases. The next stop was ours and she, the driver, didn’t stop because we didn’t ring the bell. Corrie rang the bell (after acquiring new knowledge). The bus then kept going down the highway forever, did she not hear the bell? The man that Corrie stood up for then came over to tell us it’s miles to the next stop and then advised us where to catch another bus in detail and wished us well. The stove woman grabbed her stove because I had tight grip on it then when I let go helped me with my cases. I waved goodbye to the wild good samaritan and a bus was there to take us back to the station, with our bag and stove. I’d like to say that the train was also waiting but it wasn’t, but we did get it