I’m sending another sunrise because I think it’s a bit different and it’s from our balcony so I didn’t have to go far. The domed building where the stork is flying from (by the way all the little ones are now nearly big ones) is the only palace in Caceres with a top on. The reason for this is that Isabel of Castile in her fight for the crown destroyed the domes of those who did not support her, obviously one did.

So a little history. Caceres was founded in Roman times (78BC) then the Visigoths took over around 25BC followed by the Arabs in 711 who stayed until 1492, but in between it was lost and won again more than once, and the aristocrats in these times built the palaces that are here today.

A visit to an original Arabian house today was a highlight. What I especially loved was no doors with one room flowing on to another from bedroom to patio for eating, up three steps to another room then down the other side, then down again to a large sauna, all through ‘Arabic arches’.


Storks and others if you look closely









Room and arch



What they’re wearing at weddings



Your guitar work is sublime