In a good routine of writing and discussing writing and doing emails before breakfast in our Royal room; breakfast in the Palace; a walk around or outside town through older and newer, rich and poorer places, or into the dry countryside; back for lunch with the Princess; more writing, discussing and emails; Princess goes shopping; dinner amongst the commoners; back to the Palace for debrief prior to Prince William and Princess Carolina retiring to the Royal bed after shower.

This is a new thing, as there is a wall spa and about 10 exit points. After flooding the bathroom floor; getting squirted in the face because we guessed it would come out of a different exit point; being hit on the head by the overhead hand shower when it wasn’t used to a panicked water pressure change; and being locked in a stand up coffin unable to change the temperature; we gave up. As the days went by we eventually prevailed and now have a shower, thoughtfully. Oh, and last…post!!!


Olive farm






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