A gentle stroll around our new (but really old) ‘city within the medieval walls’ was captivating. More tourists than Bardajos, but still mostly local, and hardly noticeable, did tend to transport us back to medieval times. A few churches, some tall towers, a palace that looked like a tower totally ‘green with Ivy’ (close), stone homes, the ‘everywhere lanterns’, plazas of all designs and tall narrow streets. A stunning young Flamenco guitarist added that mesmerising gypsy flavour, the quiet and then that passionate burst of song always sends a chill up my spine.

One of the towers took our liking with many, many steep spiral stairs that even stopped the ‘rediscovered step climber’ in her mountain walking shoes. My OCD re storks took me to another level, on top in the tiny bell tower. Well they weren’t all there in this ‘city of birds’ who come here to breed, and it would be too cute of me to say it was the ‘Conference of the Birds’ so I won’t, I’d tell you their names but I can’t, but I can tell you that aside from the pigeons who just have to be there, there was a flock of small black birds, some peach winged birds, a stork and yes a ‘Corrie-bird’ who finally couldn’t resist, plus all the viewing and on our own with the bell and the birds, I wonder why.

We will be back to the tower to report on other bird happenings. In the ‘city of birds’ there’s got to be a lot more, and it’s a great place to get away from the crowds!! We’ve also found the Camino trail that starts in Seville


The Plaza under the archway



“Go, that’s my seat”



The two belles



Black birds