A quick walk to say goodbye to St Juan of the Bardojos festival and we thought, the Light festival, that’s another story

12 locals accompanied us on the bus to the medieval city of Cascares as we looked out on fields of Sunflowers, various crops, olive trees, grape vines, forests of Gum trees, and what seems to be native to Spain, shapely trees with a round top and black trunk dotting the rest of the landscape, and a few small hills in the near distance

Walking in to our palace for the next four nights was like a dream, the elegant wide stairways with a persian type rug up the middle for 4 stories; a floor of lounge and sitting rooms, that I’m usually told not to touch, and chairs you can’t sit on; sweeping views out one side of our room and a lantern lit lane on the other. It’s all ours, so all we need now is a video of all the old sites and meals brought to our rooms

We did get out but just a short walk around town to check on our neighbours

A quick note on the light festival. We looked for the light switch for about 5 minutes (embellished) before finding it n the right place and it worked as they’re supposed to (like all good palaces). BUT, the hot water is on the right side….it’s usually on the wrong side!!