The festival continues today with a parade and feast in the old Arabic fort, not so much Flamenco today, a bit more sombre and reflection on this Spanish saint.

Another festival continues in great spirits however as we continue to empathise with my old school colleague and his wife under the Festival of Lights:

I have a thing with light switches too

It’s one thing I dread when I get a new room

Even harder than getting used to the loo

These lights do my head in because I assume

That it’s in the right place and just one, can’t you see?

Not all bunched together, you’ve got to be bright

And then there’s that card that’s supposed to be a key

If you can get in the door then it’s also for the light

Then you’ve got it all working, all sorted out

Get up in the night and the memories away

Hit the wrong switch or the card’s not about

Wake up your spouse who doesn’t want to play

Please make it more simple we just want the light on

We can’t complain ‘cause there’s nothing to write on