We were happy to have only seven people on our very smart bus to Badazos as we travelled through flat wine growing areas and undulation parts dotted with these beautiful trimmed like trees and  grey olive groves

We do like people but after daily festivals and concerts, the lack of others was welcome. The amount of people on the bus indicate there’s not a lot of attractions for the multitudes in this town of locals. But after a short walk into the old city we were surprised to hear music and singing in a local bar. We had arrived on a festival day

After the melancholic longing of the Fado in Portugal, we were now clapping hands (the one-two beat also gave me a chance to do a mini Parkinsons workout), singing and dancing to the exhilarating Flamenco. No tourists so we bought a drink, dipped a plate into a bowl of free chips and became local for the latter part of the day. A superb guitarist, two very passionate singers and some locals were a great way to break our silence, I mean we’re in Spain it can only get noisier


Dotted trees any grapes




Tapas papers go on the floor



Dress up time



This is our music