Our last full day in Lisboa, so down the hill across Rua Avenida and right, through the theatre district which is built on a river, a small culvert down the centre may signify this. Now up the other side, another place where no one goes, to see the crowded poorer streets below and the larger more well off folk above

We came across another park on the side of the hill looking over the city, the houses on the other side of town, and the river Tagus and no one in the park. There could be a good reason for lack of bodies, a very hot day, and the steep hill

Lisboa is a ‘good walker’s paradise however their is a good tram service including those ones that can get you up steep hills. We’ve enjoyed Lisboa, its generous people, its great atmosphere, its windy streets, the charming houses and Fado. This city in a valley with a river at the end has given us great pleasure and a quiet place to ‘sit and write a bit’