Our home in Lisbon has a wrought iron balcony that wraps around the corner, access being through three double doors. This is typical of Portugal as I have seen it everywhere, not sure whether this is peculiar to this country but I love the idea and will resist the great temptation to use it as a drying room. Our balcony doors open on to a tall tree park and we can see a castle out to our right and a jazz club on our left, would have loved to have left the doors open tonight, we’ll see. We have our first tea making apparatus on this trip, so a cup of tea before we go exploring will be splendid!!!!

We explored the wonderful steep and windy grey and black cobblestone streets of the old and new city on a mild day. I found a good book called ‘The Portuguese” by Barry Hatton and look forwar to getting to know our neighbours, two of whom we will be having dinner with tomorrow

It’s nearly ten and looks like the doors will be open tonight, good night

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