We walked quietly around the ancient streets of this city of St James, the Saint for whom all the fuss is about. There are as many stories about James as there are pilgrims and as many interpretations of these stories as there are interpretations of Cervantes novel of Don Quixote. There are also many tales about the Knights Templars (Sean and Melody were our personal Knights Templars) who are mirrored in the care given to today’s pilgrims by the thousands of Spanish villagers whose towns are the pathway along which these often extraordinary journeys take place and all because of St James. Because of this man nearly twenty different pathways from all over Europe lead to where his bones do or do not lie and to me this does not matter. It also does not matter (in my view) for what reason one travels the Camino, but what does matter is that it provides an international meeting place for all to share their stories and I am sure James would be happy with that

Guarding our room on the right



Images of Santiago