Walking to breakfast we were exuberantly greeted by our wonderful friend from Sweden who burst out on to the street with great emotion. We had begun our journey with her and now we finished with this larger than life person. We went back with her to have breakfast and to meet her friend who we had briefly met on the track where we shared similar grief experiences. This new meeting gave us a chance to express our deeper feelings with hugs and tears

Special moments

Our Swedish friend had been travelling with our Australian friend who arrived also for this unexpected breakfast. We told stories, laughed and cried, a most special end to a very special journey. The Aussie lad who walked the Camino in thongs also turned up, more stories, more laughter. Back at our front door of our hotel and another piece of the puzzle slotted in to place when our New York friends walked past on their way home. We had shared intimate ties with them earlier on the walk but now only time for hugs and goodbyes. A final walk up the hotel steps and we remet an American couple who donated money to ‘Shakeitup’ earlier on in the walk

Will there be more surprises?

Who knows what may happen at the end of the earth