We moved out past the beautiful misty lake, some clouds hovering before the rising sun, then up along a umbrella tree pathway keeping only isolated raindrops from us. Walkers were madly putting on rain clothes (which like ours that we left home with) were not needed although one eye at the sky and one ear to the forecast would seem otherwise

Owing to the possibility of rain I did not wear my Parkinsons jacket and felt very different. There were no ‘good for you’ statements; no ‘Parkinsons, what a great cause’ comments; no personal disclosures; no murmurings once they think you are out of earshot; no more ‘is she the wife’? The sign is an invitation that is taken up regularly usually by the many people who have relatives

The country side is always pleasant to look at, pockets of pines or poplars dot the flatland, pine forests line the hillsides, while oaks and birch some young, some old follow the footpath. Even from the main roads that we spent a lot of time on today we still have the same scenery. No village for ten 10kms so breakfast tasted better than normal. The last 15kms were filled with farming and grazing based villages which like most are closing down while accommodation and food for pilgrims keeps the ‘open for business’ sign up

Light rain teased us as we walked the last 1km to our new home and very large bedroom. An after dinner chat with a couple from Brisbane ended our day and left us with a warm and fuzzy feeling as we watched a couple in their sixties in an eight month old relationship holding hands and talking about their love for each other I think the Galician rain gods come tomorrow