After breakfast with an older German couple and a Japanese mother and daughter we left town under the moon and street lights with that little creek flowing with us down past the horse paddocks. We crossed over it and began a long ascent up a rocky but continually shaded pathway looking out at smaller green hillsides stepping up to larger ones and then distant mountains, views were spectacular. After a brief rest we continued down gravelly paths and up possibly the steepest hill of the whole journey and then down and down through bushy paths into the very quaint busy village of Triacastella

The day continued its mild and sunny attitude which we really appreciated knowing that we are now in the provence of Galicia personified by rain. We caught up with a Dutchwoman from our first day, a Kiwi, and an Aussie who was walking for the eighth year and had heard about his guy walking for Parkinsons so the awareness is slowly moving into conversations which is great and a tour guide is looking at my blog and talking about it. This eight year man also confirmed wet Galicia

Starting out