We left Leon for the second time and left my Gortex shoes for the last time. We loved Leon and I tried to love my shoes but they didn’t love me so I left them in a cupboard where some shoes are meant to be. I am now having an intimate love affair with my “New Balance” shoes and heaven knows I need all the help I can get with balance and if he/she is in the sky, the fact that they are a celestial blue should help. Now what do I do with the shaking parts?

Well lit streets ushered us out of this ancient city into the less attractive streets that are home to those things that help old cities stay alive; that give people an income; and that allow communities to thrive. This is the industrial part of Leon where Ciguenas don’t differentiate, a bell tower is a bell tower; where Poppies still grow and where the cafe con leche is much the same as in the old city. We wished others well on their personal journeys as they did with us, some limping, some with their shoes off trying to prevent or repair a limp, others like my wife just wondering what all the fuss is about.

After two hours we stopped for a coffee and had a chat with an Irish couple who are doing the walk in three stages. Soon after, our 50km a day Sydney acquaintance and his daughter sauntered past as though it was a Sunday stroll (but they had just taken a day off so another fifty should be a walk in the park), I think he gave a cheeky remark but without stopping, of course.  Sitting outside even if it is cold allows for these little opportunities.

We moved on sharing our road with others taking different journeys along a major thoroughfare, past truck driver pit stops and finally off on a sort of country road, once again sharing but with less, over bridges, through those villages that those roads cut in two and into the thriving village of Villar de Mazarife, where the three stork bell tower is once again fully booked.

After booking into our Albergue, and doing the mandatory washing, looking for pegs and line space, we went looking for lunch. While eating, we met up with two Dutch women we had talked to in other villages. One has a blog and is raising funds for ‘Downs Syndrome’ children, so, as you do, we swapped blogs.

Lastly I have a request regarding your many email contacts.  Whilst it is important you feel free to email me if you want a personal conversation, can I suggest that your emails of support, or comments on our journey, are placed in the “Comments” option on the Homepage so that we can share the support and message with all our friends and followers.  And thanks for all the nice things you have been saying.

Leaving town



Corrie sitting down because everybody else is


Fully booked



A field of flowers