A ‘Camino free day’ to explore the weaving streets of Leon. A fascinating city which had, by some texts interpretation the first democracy in Europe and has a church open day and night, a pretty good start in the life of a small city. I thought I’d leave you with a sonnet that speaks to (in my eyes) two vital parts of Leon’s culture: Gothic architecture and freedom:

The Leon Cathedral it stands tall and proud

It may be the worlds’ best if it’s measured by looks

The pale yellow stone has its praises rung loud

Its spires are lauded in all the right books

The stained glass windows hold the people in awe

Their light alters perception at certain times of the day

This great “House of Light” that the people adore

It gives one a feeling: ‘believe now don’t delay’

But just down the alleyways the Ciguena looks out

For San Isodoro a more modest affair

No spirals, small windows the stone appears cold

Few people visit, the metaphors aren’t there

No payment for entry, just a man with a bowl

Open twenty four hours by royal decree

For anyone, anytime, for what a church is meant to be

The Cathedral


The Ciguena looking over San Isodoro


San Isodoro (Ciguena on a pole on far right hand back