The now ubiquitous poplars have sung to us the last two mornings as they soften and decorate the streets, their eclectic mix of birds and rustling leaves creating one of nature’s improvised orchestras. The tumbling of the water under this ancient bridge adds yet another orchestral sound to this fabulous show under the stars, the cuckoo in the background keeping a two beat timing as the ‘unrisen’ sun lights up the orchestra pit

We walk on along the dark path slowly lighting up as each minute it seems to stretch ahead further and further alongside an ever busier main road as we get closer to the medieval city of Leon. We return after 12 months to this Venetian type old city, streets leading us in directions we’d never thought of, a glimpse of the towering cathedral providing us with a landmark to bring us back to our inn

The local police ‘guardia civil’, met us at the edge of town to provide us with a map and to answer any queries a great way I thought of making a connection and setting a good tone for the stay. I’m losing my toe nails that I have been told not to remove and have a large blister, told not to burst. I then saw a local podiatrist who took my nails off and burst my blister and feel a whole lot better for doing the wrong thing Met up with our Dutch and Austrian acquaintances dancing in a bar, and later talked to a young Spanish girl who was interested in my blog, having lost a relative to the side effects of Parkinsons and continue to connect with my class mate of so long ago

The Orchestral light and much imagination


The bridge – evening before


That path again



Poppies once more