Sunlight crept into our room to wake us up for the first time and looking out on to quaint wrought iron balconies like ours and a lantern-lit Spanish street did not have us looking for our walking poles. Instead a quiet interlude with our German and Austrian companions and a stroll around town was enough of a walk today and a chance to prevent too many leg and foot complaints in the weeks ahead. It was also an opportunity to raise awareness in a big city where people inquired about my condition and Parkinsons in general so they now have my website. A special chat occurred with a local woman who has the disease and is cycling to resist the muscle weakness, just to talk was a relief for her. We will stay in contact.

Our stroll took us to the centrepiece of Burgos, its cathedral. The medieval streets provide a canvas to this grand sculpture, (to me the equal of Leon and Chartres) that was then sculpted by French and Italian artisans into a magnificence that shows architecture at its grandest. The Gothic replaced the Romanesque that was later enhanced by the beauty of the Renaissance steps and the splendor of the Baroque Domes. No matter what you think of the money spent, or the sometimes contradictions of the Church, it is hard to deny the creative genius of those who built these impressive works of art.

talk to you soon


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