Dinner with three very funny people, an Aussie woman, a British man and a Swedish woman was very entertaining in which we solved the political, religious and ethical problems of the world. Two are walking for religious reasons, the other for adventure.


Our adventure continued when we left Uterga, again in the moonlight but missed a turn off, and went a further 2kms that we didn’t need. Once again flat narrow paths lead up to very steep hills but the cloudless sky was tempered by virtually no humidity which lessened the pain.


Hot drink and croissant stops in these peaceful, ancient villages have become an intricate part of our trip providing us with reflection time, friends-dropping-by time, and local interactions.


Passed the 100km mark today, the journey so far has been one of climbing and descending steep hills and I have made a personal parkinson discovery (PPD). While hills are difficult, they have been easier. The uphill walk gives me good balance as I propel myself up with my Nordic walking poles, (I propel the poles forward together), while downhill it’s like a shuffling jog consciously planting my feet.  Either way balance is not a problem. However walking on the flat gives me less control and I tend to wander around a little, and that’s where the Nordic pole walking provides me with that balance and posture (more on this in a future blog).


My first Poppy appeared today along with my first Ciguena (stork) high up on an old smoke stack warming up the eggs for hatching time in May.


I have a sonnet for each that I will post as they become more prolific.


On the Camino itself I came down ‘forgiveness hill’ without knowing it, so I’ll see if another opportunity arises.


We also passed the 12th century Romanesque Church of the Knights Templar, whose protection of pilgrims will be especially familiar to those who have read Don Quixote.


We’ll spend the night in Lorca, yet another 12th century quaint hilltop village, after our longest walk (25 kms) – we are quite amazed that we are still standing!