The bright stars indicated there would be plenty to see today as we slowly drifted in to our spartan breakfast of bread and coffee. Our focus however was on the day ahead

The path reached out ahead of us, snaking its way ever upward around bare green hillsides across narrow plateaus and circling narrow cliff roads with rolling hills and sharp snow capped peaks in the distance. It was also an interactive morning as familiar faces and friends swapped more intimate stories as we stayed awhile and then moved on. Reaching the peak was welcome and we made our way through layers of leaves from trees holding the hillside together while remnants of snow hugged the narrow cliff pathway. It was then down meandering again, sometimes rocky, mostly not, past massive hillside bracken burnoffs to the valley of Roncesvalles on the Spanish side where our ‘Bon jours’ turned into ‘Olas’

We walked through the leafless Birch forest to spent the night in the seemingly deserted town of Burguete, famous, in this part of Spain for the regular visits of Ernest Hemingway and said goodbye to our faster walking special new Portuguese friends

Some photos below


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