We’re leaving this peaceful town with its stunning architecture and colours, where the magnificent river

Ardour slices it in two, while the pretty Nive caresses its side as they then together sweep on to the Bay of Biscay close to the wild and magnificent Northern Camino

I’ll leave you with some photos of the Nive and the ancient buildings that hug its side

and another sonnet:

Silent Bayonne – a sonnet

The silent square awaits a new horizon

Those feet from years long past have slowly trod

The earth where many folks have laughed and cried on

Carries youth who lurk, and men who simply nod

When was the time that life was lived, and not wasted?

When people talked and shared their closest thought?

This silence begs for change we’ve never tasted

Or else our lives and dreams may come to nought

The shutters slowly open on the Nive

The adventurous river flows another way

Displaying life that shows new ways to live

The Bayonne beauty towers above the day

Silence remains it mingles with the crowd

The peace that now is there it cries out loud.


IMG_4350 IMG_4348 IMG_4349