My name is Will Boag and I have Parkinson's Disease.

However, I remain optimistic and positive that I can make sense of it by pursuing my passions in an enthusiastic and constructive way. In 2014 I walked 800kms across Spain on the Camino Frances with my wife Corrie.

In 2015 we walked the French part of the Camino (over 800 kms) - ‘the Chemin du Puy’ from Le Puy to Pamplona, and in September - October 2016 we will walk from the Italian Alps to Rome on the ‘Via Francigena’ (over 800 kms) on behalf of those living with PD - to raise awareness, and funds to help find a cure.

I have written a small book about our 2014 journey – “You’re the Guy with Parkinson’s”‘Poems, Prose and Ponderings on the Camino’ to also raise funds for a cure. This book is available on Amazon in the form of an ‘E’ book and can be either downloaded on to your computer or a kindle

Doctor Norman Doidge has also written 2 very exciting books that I believe are a must for everyone – especially those living with PD: “The Brain that Changes Itself” and “The Brain’s Way of Healing”.

My main goals for 2017 are:

  • Continue John Pepper’s (The Brain’s Way of Healing, chapter 2) “fast walking program” 
  • Complete a self-help book for those living with PD
  • Be able to participate in small conversations in French
  • Translate a Swiss Camino guide book from German to English
Available now on Amazon
“You’re the Guy with Parkinson’s” - Poems, Prose and Ponderings on the Camino by Will Boag
Available now on Amazon

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